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TALK: LEARNING ZAPOTEC in OAXACA: Opportunities, Challenges and Resources
5:00 PM
Oaxaca Lending Library
TALK: LEARNING ZAPOTEC in OAXACA: Opportunities, Challenges and Resources

Presented by Robert Klotz


MX$90 (M) MX$130 (NM)

Based upon his practical experience in learning Zapotec—San Vicente Coatlán, Teotitlán de Valle, San Pablo Güilá, Central Valley Colonial Zapotec—over 5 years, Bob Klotz will present:

Arguments for learning Zapotec or another indigenous language
Challenges to learning Zapotec, including pronunciation, grammar, and semantics (the expression of meaning encoded in vocabulary)
Quick exercises in the pronunciation of San Vicente Coatlán Zapotec
Guidelines for selecting a variant of Zapotec to learn, based upon personal interests (communicative, intellectual, recreational, political), goals (speaking, reading, research) and learning styles (visual, aural, or both)
Opportunities for classroom study of Zapotec in the City of Oaxaca
Opportunities for studying Zapotec on your own, including an overview of available study materials in print and on-line7. Recommendations for planning and taking first steps toward studying Zapotec or another indigenous language

Bob Klotz Bio: Although trained in linguistics at Yale and Cornell Universities many decades (and professional lives) ago, Bob Klotz has been working in Mexico for the past 12 years, as a fundraiser in Mexico City; a researcher and consultant on data collection and program evaluation for wildlife protection, solid waste management and sustainable tourism in Akumal; and for the last four-plus years, as an English teacher in Oaxaca. Since early 2014, Bob has been working, in collaboration with women from San Vicente Coatlán, on a book with the working title Ve t?-nza’a ndo ve xna’a ve?sa: dh?xh-nde’e n? l?d-jye’e n? t?-ndaw t?n ve m?n t?n L?tjyexh, Uza (Gifts from our mothers: the Zapotec language, embroidery and cooking of San Vicente Coatlán, Ejutla).

In addition to his research on this variant of Zapotec, Bob has briefly studied the Zapotec of Teotitlán del Valle and San Pablo Güilá, and is a member of the Gueche Luana translation workshop at the Biblioteca de Investigación Juan de Córdova (Fundación Alfredo Harp Helú de Oaxaca), collaborating in the translation of Colonial Zapotec manuscripts from Etla, written in the 17th and 18th centuries..
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Age Group: All Ages
Venue: Oaxaca Lending Library
Address: 519 Pino Suarez, Centro Oaxaca de Juarez, Oaxaca 68000
Phone: 9515169715

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