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Food of the Gods Chocolate SessionLearn/Aprender :: Tour/Excursion also Learn/Aprender :: Class/Clase
Food of the Gods Chocolate Session
9:00 AM
Convivio Oaxac0a
The Session: Oaxaca’s markets, chocolatiers, and streets are our classrooms as we taste and learn about the mysteries of chocolate and corn not only through Mexican and world history, but through flavours. Via pre-hispanic cacao drinks, local seeds, chocolate tastings, very rare types of chocolate, and heirloom maize foods we endeavour to learn about the mysterious paths of the humble cacao bean and the corn cob from their beginnings to its modern incarnations today. Guests are challenged to consider their approach to the vast differences in taste, textures, and context that root Oaxacan and Western chocolate traditions and how all of this might inform our relations to money, death, time, and ceremony.

When: Mornings from 9am-1pm, Daily except Sundays

Where: Our classrooms for this session include three local markets and two of Oaxaca’s finest chocolatiers.

$600 pesos

How: Walking. There are 5 classrooms we visit on foot, so please dress for impending weather. Bring a hat or sunglasses, and be prepared to walk and learn.

RESERVATIONS REQUIRED! Book your spot by emailing us at "info@oaxsessions.com"
Age Group: All Ages
Venue: Convivio Oaxac0a
Address: 805 Avenida Juarez Oaxaca de Juarez, Oaxaca, Mexico 680000
Phone: N/A

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